How to Choose Your First BJJ Gi

How to Choose Your First BJJ Gi

How to Choose Your First BJJ Gi

Getting your first BJJ gi is an exciting milestone on your jiu jitsu journey. With so many options, materials, sizes and styles out there, choosing that inaugural gi can also feel overwhelming for newcomers. This article will guide you through the key factors to consider when picking out your first gi so you can find the perfect uniform to start training in.

Determine Your Budget

BJJ gis range greatly in price from around $50 for basic budget options to $200+ for top-tier gis made from premium materials. As a beginner, you don’t need to break the bank on your very first gi. Save the graphite dyed pearl weave for later after you determine jiu jitsu is a long-term path for you.

Aim for a mid-range gi in the $75-$150 price point from a reputable brand. This hits the sweet spot of durability and quality without overspending as you’re just getting started.

Consider Gi Weight

BJJ gis generally come in lightweight (350-550gsm), midweight (550-650gsm) and heavyweight (650-850gsm) options. Lightweight gis work well year-round, while midweight and heavyweight are warmer for colder weather training.

As a beginner, a lightweight gi in the 350-550gsm range allows for easy movement and airflow while you build up your jiu jitsu endurance. You can always add a heavier gi to your rotation down the road.

Get the Right Fit

It’s crucial your first gi fits well, otherwise it will hinder your rolling and techniques. Follow each brand’s size chart and consider washing on hot to shrink a gi down if needed.

Key areas to focus on for good fit include enough sleeve and pants length and having overlap when you cross the lapels over your chest. You want a tailored fit that’s not too baggy, but also allows unrestricted movement.

Pick Simple, Versatile Colors

Stick with classic BJJ gi colors like white, black or blue for your first gi. You’ll get the most use from versatile shades that pair with any belt level as you progress. Down the road you can expand into funkier colors and designs after you establish your fundamentals.

Focus on Quality Construction

Seek gis made from durable woven cotton, sturdy reinforced stitching, and smooth comfortable collars. Prioritize quality over flash as a beginner. A gi made from good materials will last you years vs cheap versions needing replacement every few months.

Choosing your first jiu jitsu gi is about finding the sweet spot of budget, fit, weight and quality. Avoid overthinking it! Just get started rolling in a properly fitted, high-value gi that allows you to focus on developing your skills and fundamentals.

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