Understanding IBJJF Gi Patch Rules so You Can Compete with Confidence

Understanding IBJJF Gi Patch Rules so You Can Compete with Confidence

Understanding IBJJF Gi Patch Rules so You Can Compete with Confidence

Patches are a great way to style your BJJ gi and make it your own. But when competing, you need to follow strict IBJJF gi patch rules or risk disqualification. This article breaks down the official regulations on size, placement, sponsorship logos and more so you can decorate your gi without worrying.

GI Patch Rules - Quick Summary

  • Maximum 9 patches allowed
  • Up to 5 sponsorship/brand patches
  • All must be sewn, printed or embroidered (no temporary stickers)
  • Limited to 12cm x 12cm sizing (except for 1 brand logo patch)
  • Placed at least 5cm from seams/edges
  • No profanity or offensive images/messages

IBJJF Regulations on Gi Patch Size and Placement

The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) sets the standards for patches and logos permitted on the gi for sanctioned competitions like the Worlds and Pan Ams.

The key rules are:

  • Maximum of 9 Patches Total - This includes brand, gym affiliation, memorial and any other patches.
  • Up to 5 Brand Sponsor Patches - These promote brand sponsors like your BJJ gi company. One logo can be 25cm2 max, while the others must be 12cm x 12cm.
  • Patches Must be Sewn/Printed/Embroidered - Temporary stickers are not allowed in the gi during matches.
  • 5cm from Seams and Edges - All patches must be at least 5cm away from seams and jacket/pant edges.
  • No Offensive Content - Patches cannot contain profanity, racial/political messages or offensive material.

Following these IBJJF patch regulations ensures you'll pass gi check and can compete without issues.

Smart Gi Patch Placement to Compliment Your Style

While the IBJJF limits total patches to 9, strategically placing them can really make your BJJ gi distinct.

Popular positions include:

  • Lapel - An embroidered name or logo on one lapel is a classic look.
  • Shoulders - Sponsor logos between the shoulders highlight branding.
  • Sleeves - The upper sleeves allow for larger sponsor patches to stand out.
  • Pant Leg - Brand logos on the front of the pants offer visibility as you roll.
  • Back - Larger logo patches on the lower back catch eyes.
  • Chest - Smaller logos positioned on the chest complement overall style.

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Decorating Within the Rules for Gi Patch Success

Creatively placing patches on your BJJ gi is a great form of self expression. But adhere to IBJJF regulations so all your hard work preparing isn't jeopardized.

Remember - max 9 patches, 5 sponsor logos, proper sizing and placement, and no offensive content.

Now get out there, decorate your game and own the mats!

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